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Pavan Teja Safety Nets

We are having Team of Experts in Net Installation with Exerience of Fixing Nets for 12 Years.Having Wide Range of Materials for Installing Nets from Lowest Price of 10 Rs per Square Feet to 30 Rs per Square Feet based on Quality and Warranty Duration of Nets Durability.

We are the skilled experts in fixing Safety nets for Balcony Safety Nets, Pigeon Safety Nets, Anti Bird Nets, Pigeon Nets for Balconies, Cricket Net Practice, Children Nets, Construction Safety Nets, Duct Area Safety Nets, Building Safety Nets, Industrial Safety Nets, Swimming Pool Safety Nets Stairway Safety nets, Monkey Safety Nets, Terrace Top Nets, Glass Safety Nets, Car Parking Safety Nets, Coconut Tree Nets, All types of Safety Nets, HDPE Nets - Nylon Nets.


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Professional Team Available for 24/7 hours, We offer absolute Installation Free of nets fixing for all types of requirements.

Best Quality | Vast Collection | Low Price | Warranty Assured 3 to 8 years'| Support & Service | Free Quotation ....

We always concentrate on the specific requirements of the clients. Our long existence in this field is due to the strict quality standards we follow.


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Health Hazards of Pigeons

Both humans and animals can be affected. The disease is transmitted to humans by airborne fungus spores from soil contaminated by pigeon and starling droppings (as well as from the droppings of other birds and bats). ... On occasion, the disease can cause high fever, blood abnormalities, pneumonia and even death.

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It is better to leave the installation to a professional?

Yes, if the walls you are attaching the anchor strips to are not in good condition or if the frame needs to be installed, it is maybe wise to & Risk involved in standing with Rope in outer side of your building to fix this leads unwanted incidents due to lack of practice & expertise.

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What are the methods to install an Anti-Bird Nets?

Our Expert Team will Install Netting Based on your Requirement and Location. We are having many types of Nets with Different Qualities for Different Purposes.

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